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MUSIC BOX  (2020)

After a young university student receives a delicate music box for her 18th birthday, terrible events suddenly begin to impact her life and those she loves. A close friend dies in a sudden accident, while another drowns in a swimming pool. She comes to discover that this music box once belonged to a beautiful dancer who died tragically in the process of birthing twins. Will she survive the curse of this music box?


Fransen Susanto


Adis Kayl Yurahman


Gavrila Godelva


Della Dartyan, Miqdad Addausy, Amanda Rigby, Wanda Hamidah, Ayu Dyah Pasha, Piet Pagau, Bella Amalia Faida, Yusril Fahriza, Ust.Das'ad Latif, Nastacha Germania, Tiffany Leonardi, Ousar Harta Yudana, Sion Simbolon, Tenty Kamal



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